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  • GregM


    Hi folks,

    You may be aware that WordPress and WordPress MU suffer from a bug first reported in August 2006 that results in potentially infinitely many pages of duplicated content in response to queries that include post page numbers. Recently, I wrote a long couple of posts explaining the bug in some detail and offering a workaround via htaccess rules and 301 redirects:

    (Yes, Movable Type suffers from the same problem, but this isn’t a MT forum…)

    The problem, however, is that the fix can only be used in its present form on blogs which do not make use of post pagination (e.g., via ‘nextpage’ or plugins). I’m wondering is there some way around this limitation which someone else could suggest, ’cause I’m stumped?

    Naturally, the best possible response would be a fix in the WP core, but since that was flagged up as being too difficult at the time the bug was reported, I’m guessing it’s not high on the list of priorities for pending fixes — even though it afflicts 50 million pages of content at alone. So unless or until some clever person creates a ‘real’ fix, it looks like we’re stuck with workarounds, and I’d sure be glad to have a more complete workaround than I’ve already published!

    Many thanks in advance for any thoughts,

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