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    The first backup went without a hitch, saved it to my google drive. However, I tried to do another backup and it doesn’t seem to be working. Getting this next resumption message on the status and it just kinda hangs there. I researched the error and past replies said to check with the web host. Just wondering if you had any other trouble from SiteGround with your plugin?

    Here is the PHP error log info showing a lot of references to updraftplus:

    Also, is it necessary to get rid of this partial backup that I stopped after I ran into the error? IF so, how?

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  • @mdc2957 – Ivan Atanasov here, a Senior in the Support Team at SiteGround.

    I have personally tested the Updraft Plus plugin in an isolated environment and followed it’s execution.
    It was able to complete a backup twice successfully (first backup was saved locally; second backup was sent to Google Drive)

    We have a fair policy for the maximum allowed time for script executions on our shared hosting plans. It could be the case here.

    However, we would like to perform an investigation ourselves. If you can create a Support Ticket and allow us to test the plugin on your website, we might reach a conclusion for this issue.

    If you already have a ticket, please share it’s ID here, so that we can send a follow up in it.

    Plugin Author David Anderson


    @mdc2957 to suppress the cPanel messages in the log, see:

    The ticket ID is 2098267

    David, Ivan replied to my ticket. None of this makes any sense to me as I am not that technical. I have a very small site compared to some, and I have a better hosting account than many. I don’t think the issue is that I don’t have a good enough hosting account. Over 1 million people use your plugin, and I’m sure a ton of them are on SiteGround. anyways, here’s what he said:

    I would like to share a bit more information that what I said in my post in the forum.

    You are using a GrowBig hosting account which is hosted in a shared environment. There are certain limitations that apply to this plan (which I am sure, you are aware of) that will stop the execution of a given process if it exceed the execution timeout value.

    Following my tests (in an isolated environment, not your account) I noticed that the the process of creating a backup (regardless of where it will be saved) will start many admin-ajax.php execution processes. Some might timeout due to the aforementioned limit.

    I am assuming that you are OK with us reproducing the issue, taking into consideration the fact that you shared a step-by-step guide in this ticket.
    It is why I tool the liberty of performing several tests on your application.

    I logged in your WordPress Dashboard – Settings -> UpdraftPlus Backups -> Settings. It appears that the Google Drive Api is set correctly in your case.

    Then, the previously observed admin-ajax.php execution processes were observed. I believe that the developers of the plugin ensured that the backup will be created in batches and will be passed through the execution of the admin-ajax.php file, which will help with such hosting limitations (to some extent) such as the execution time since a new admin-ajax.php execution can be started as a separate process.

    During one of these executions, your plugin recorded the following:

    1567.637 (5) Free space on disk containing Updraft's temporary directory: 892729.3 MB
    1567.639 (5) Backup run: resumption=5, nonce=873657a5b6b6, begun at=1486479613 (1568s ago), job type=backup
    1567.640 (5) Scheduling a resumption (6) after 300 seconds (1486481481) in case this run gets aborted
    1567.643 (5) Checking if we have a zip executable available
    1567.643 (5) Zip engine: found/will use a binary zip: /usr/bin/zip
    1567.643 (5) Creation of backups of directories: had begun; will resume
    1567.644 (5) Beginning creation of dump of plugins (split every: 400 MB)
    1567.646 (5) Terminate: exists with activity within the last 30 seconds (time_mod=1486481180, time_now=1486481181, diff=1, size=33548.3KB). This likely means that another UpdraftPlus run is at work; so we will exit.
    1567.647 (5) Rescheduling resumption 6: moving to 420 seconds from now (1486481601)

    This means that the process was restarted and will proceed from where it left off with a timeout of 420 seconds (Rescheduling resumption 6: moving to 420 seconds from now) for the rescheduled event.

    After each such log entry, there is a process for the wp-cron.php file which could be how the rescheduling is done.

    I expect that a backup can be completed with this setup, however, it is very likely that due to the big number of executions that are done, your hosting can reach another limitation – CPU Seconds/Program Script Executions (which you can check if you click here).

    Having said this, I would like to mention that I completed the backup successfully on my end, it should be uploaded in your Google Drive.


    To sum up the information provided until now:

    The plugin is very good as it has a procedure to follow if the execution of a given process is terminated
    The plugin will perform a lot of admin-ajax.php executions which could lead to issues with some of the limits imposed with our shared hosting plans
    The plugin will complete a backup successfully if allowed enough time

    As a solution, I can offer you to add the following code in an .htaccess file created in your wp-admin/ directory:

    <IfModule mod_dtimeout.c>
    <Files admin-ajax.php>
    SetEnv DynamicTimeout 300

    It should allow more time for the execution of your admin-ajax.php file which should lower the number of times that the process will be terminated.

    The only other alternative would be to upgrade your account to a Cloud where such limits will not be imposed by us.

    (Of course, please give a chance to the plugin developers to update your post as well)

    David, can you shed any light on this? I don’t know what to do.

    Plugin Author David Anderson



    The analysis isn’t accurate; admin-ajax.php isn’t called continuously for the backup itself; only for updates on the backup progress. The backup will continue quite happily without progress updates going to the browser. You can suppress those updates by navigating away from the “Status” tab in UpdraftPlus after starting the backup. (Either change tab, or change page). Then there won’t be requests to get updates on the backup progress from that tab.


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