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  • Plugin Author Louy Alakkad


    Hi Chris,

    I’m not sure how that plugin works, but it should work with any plugin using the standard WordPress API wp_get_attachment_link, which I believe is not the case here.
    If it’s not working, try to add support yourself as it’s really simple. You just need to add data-size attribute to the image link and that’s it. This can be done using a few lines of code. Take a look at photoswipe_save_post and you’ll see what I mean.

    If you don’t know how to code, you might be able to hire someone to do it. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to support other plugins, but for someone who knows what he’s doing it should take no more than one hour.


    Wouldn’t adding NextGen/NextCellent ability be good? With millions of downloads they are really popular.

    I know some CSS and that’s it so I don’t know what the authors do to the original scripts but many lightbox plugins work with NextGen/NextCellent with no issues, Colorbox, Fancybox, Swipebox, Blueimp, the old Photoswipe, etc.. all worked out of the box, so it can’t be that big of a deal to add support… can it? Just asking…

    Plugin Author Louy Alakkad


    I didn’t know that it was a css issue. I thought that the box doesn’t appear at all. And if so, then it’s not related to css but to php.
    Anyway, I’ll take a look at it.

    I was just commenting that I, personally, only know some CSS, so I can not help in telling you why these other lightbox plugins work with NextGen/NextCellent.

    I can only say they do, so, I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too hard…?

    The NextCellent Gallery author (NextGen legacy version) responded to my request about using PhotoSwipe with NCG/NGG, here’s his fix:

    You can easily achieve this with a custom template. I tweaked the default gallery one a bit to make it work:

    As always, save the template in the ngg_styles folder, and use template=”swipe” in the shortcode (assuming you named the file gallery-swipe.php).

    Should you want to have this enabled on all galleries, you can save the file as gallery.php. This allows you to override the default template and you don’t have to add template=”swipe” in the shortcode.

    I choose to just replace the default template with his hacked code and PhotoSwipe now works perfectly with NCG/NGG.

    I was really happy this worked so well and wanted to share this with others! 🙂

    NextCellent Gallery 1.9.27 now supports PhotoSwipe. No need to add the template.

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