• Hi there, I just want to add that it would be useful if you could include this too. ^^ I tested it on my website and it worked like a charm. I didn’t test it for PayPal subscriptions, but for PMPro and Stripe, it works 100%.

    If someone needs it, you need to insert it into delete-me/inc/delete_user.php after line 123 and before the // Delete user (line comment.) Please make a back-up first.. 🙂

    // Assuming you have the subscription ID stored somewhere in your code or user data
    $subscription_id = get_user_meta($this->user_ID, 'stripe_subscription_id', true);
    // Check and delete Paid Memberships Pro membership
    if (function_exists('pmpro_getMembershipLevelForUser') && function_exists('pmpro_changeMembershipLevel')) {
    $membership_level = pmpro_getMembershipLevelForUser($this->user_ID);
    if (!empty($membership_level)) {
    pmpro_changeMembershipLevel(false, $this->user_ID, 'inactive'); // Change to 'expired' if you want to expire the membership immediately
    // Check and cancel the Stripe subscription
    if (!empty($subscription_id)) {
    // Cancel the Stripe subscription at the end of the billing period
    try {
    $stripe->subscriptions->update($subscription_id, ['cancel_at_period_end' => false]);
    } catch (\Stripe\Exception\ApiErrorException $e) {
    // Handle any errors that occur during the Stripe API call
    // You might want to log the error or take appropriate action
    error_log('Stripe API Error: ' . $e->getMessage());
    // Cancel the PayPal subscription
    $paypal_subscription_id = get_user_meta($this->user_ID, 'paypal_subscription_id', true);
    if (!empty($paypal_subscription_id)) {
    try {
    $subscription = \PayPal\Api\Subscription::get($paypal_subscription_id, $paypal);
    $subscription->cancel([], $paypal);
    } catch (\PayPal\Exception\PayPalConnectionException $e) {
    error_log('PayPal API Error: ' . $e->getMessage());

    p.s. PLEASE, keep this plugin alive. Much appreciated!

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    • This topic was modified 2 months, 1 week ago by victoryel.
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