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  • Hi all,

    I have the latest build of wordtube but I now notice that if I add any new media the player is not recognising my default player settings I have in global.

    Why is this – a bug?

    Also in previous versions you could change size of media player for each post if you wished. I see this has now gone also.

    Any suggestions or fixes?

    Many thanks,

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  • No one else had this problem?


    I have the same problem – I’m also wondering if there’s an update that supports the new 4.5 player?


    Same problem here.

    Oh should also note that it only affects individual items. Playlists still format correctly based on default settings.

    Hi there,

    Just installed this plugin today. The width and height for individual media files are stored in your WP mysql database. I jused phpAdmin to go in and edit the width and height variables. I’m next to test whether if you update the media player settings, then add a video it will use those settings…

    Using the latest JW Player too…

    So, there is a workaround but it would be nice to have that fixed – otherwise, looks like a great plugin!



    i also have the same problem. have to use phpmyadmin to edit the width and height. currently using the following versions

    wp: 2.8.4
    jw player: 2.4.5
    wordtube: 2.2.2

    hope this could be fixed soon. thanks for the plugin anyway.

    in Version 2.2.2 the problem still exists, because the height/width is written into the database on every upload through add media=>wordtube.

    Fixed it for me by changing the following code in file

    line 83-84:

    $act_width = 0; // change from 320 to 0
    $act_height = 0; // change from 240 to 0

    line 93-94: (add doubleslashes to those lines or delete them)

    //	if ($act_height < 20 ) $act_height = 20 ;
    //	if ($act_width == 0 ) $act_width = 320 ;

    Then the default values set in the options menu will be taken.

    Strange why this problem is still in the code.

    Be aware that I did not test properly therefore I am sure there will be side-effects with other filetypes or whatever. But for .flv movies this works in the normal player.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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