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  • ItaloFM


    I just finished installing WP and came across this weird issue.

    When I create a new post or try setting up a new page, I cannot put accent on any of the words. (as my page is in Brazilian portuguese, this will be a must on 3 out of 6 words.)

    I can edit the post, type with accents and all, but as soon as I click preview, I only see the words prior to the accent, the rest of the content is blank. If I take the accent out, the content loads up just fine. If I save I get the same results. It also makes me lose all the data after the word with accent.

    i.e: a post with the title: Hoje é dia de ler.
    I would only see: “Hoje”

    If I type a post without accents, I can post anything I want with as many characters as I want to. My issue is only with the crazy, á,é,ç,ã,ô and so on…

    I’ve tried everything:
    Before, I had WP-English installed, uninstalled completely and installed it in Brazilian portuguese.
    I tried to install a patch called UTF-8 Database Converter, but also did not help.

    I tried changing themes, nothing seems to work.

    Has anyone had this problem?

    I appreciate the attention and help as this is a dead end to me, unless I want to write everything wrong on my blog, which is not what I’m looking forward to.

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  • ItaloFM


    here is a quick example of what happens:

    The body should say:

    Hoje e dia de ler

    Hoje é dia de ler


    But as u can see, after the accent, everything gets deleted for some reason.



    Hi ItaloFM, did you find a solution to this issue? I’m having the same problem.

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