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Remove Words Per Post LIMIT

  • I use my website to write a long posts which is impossible to split up , because it is written in specific order, i noticed that when i write a long post (many words) WordPress removes my Post Content after saving or previewing , this is really annoying, how can i solve this problem? (i can edit files using ftp.)

    thanks in advance.

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  • I don’t understand the question. Do you get a automatic excerpts? I have a WP install where I post articles of considerable length without problems.



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    How long are these posts? In words or characters?

    about 1830 words

    In settings > Reading > set “For each article in a feed, show” Full text.

    There was nothing about the feed in the original post. Alkalem, I have no problems with 1800 words articles. Does the problem remain when you use default theme? A link to the website would be helpfull too.

    after saving , post content disappear, you will see an empty post. i tried on default theme and other themes , and i tried on other wordpress versions , i think it is a limit , what php file is responsible for this kind of matters,so i can edit and change this?

    i mean in wordpress wp-include folder



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    If there is a limit (and I’m not 100% convinced that there is a practical limit), it’s well beyond 1800 words. Are you creating these articles in another application and then pasting into WordPress? If so, what application are you using?

    i have created them using MS-word , so i decided this week to publish them on my blog, how can i post them without splitting them up?



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    If you’re pasting content directly from Word, that might be the problem. The pasted text will also contain Word’s own formatting. Sooner or later, this formatting will stop your pages from being displayed correctly (if at all) in Internet Explorer. If you cannot possibly manage without Word, paste your text into NotePad (or another text editor) first, then copy from NotePad into WordPress.


    i tried this, i tried to paste also as a plain text, it doesn’t solve the problem, i read somewhere that there is a limit of words per post in wordpress , i think we should edit some file in wp-include folder..

    Justin Tadlock


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    There is no limit (as far as I know), and it certainly isn’t 1,800 words. Editing some file in the /wp-includes folder is always a bad idea.

    i agree with you , but it seems to be the last resort, do you know what file in wp-include responsible for this kind of matters?

    Alkalem, with three people we are telling you that it is highly unlikely that there is a limit, but you insist of editing some file. Isn’t it more likely that the problem lays somewhere else? Not that I have a suggestion…

    I have the same issue, it happens when I insert shortcode … aka mediafiles like pictures. that and the other shortcode somehow make the content field remain but display nothing. must be when its parsed.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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