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  • Resolved Johannes Weber


    Hi again,

    thanks for the new feature of “word per post”. However, the borders are not optimal for my blog. (I have a huge peak in the last column.) Maybe there are better ideas on how to scale the graph/columns? Of course this heavily depends on the content of the blog. 😉

    Here is my example:
    Words per Post
    0 – 49 words: 0 posts
    50 – 99 words: 2 posts
    100 – 149 words: 5 posts
    150 – 199 words: 8 posts
    200 – 249 words: 6 posts
    250 – 299 words: 7 posts
    300 – 349 words: 5 posts
    350 – 399 words: 5 posts
    400 – 449 words: 10 posts
    450 – 499 words: 13 posts
    500 – 549 words: 9 posts
    550 – 599 words: 10 posts
    600 – 649 words: 8 posts
    650 – 699 words: 6 posts
    700 – 749 words: 5 posts
    750+ words: 97 posts


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  • Plugin Author shortdark


    Thanks Johannes!

    That’s a really good idea. Maybe if the plugin finds the largest word count then splits the graph up into 15 or 20 even columns that will work better. Awesome feedback!

    I’m trying to be cautious with my time predictions at the moment because I’m on vacation but I can see this getting updated early March.

    The word count is definitely something that needs working on as it may not be 100% the same as the WordPress number.

    Much appreciated feedback. Thanks again!


    Generally (to everyone)…
    From the stats it looks like a few people have uninstalled recently so I was wondering if the plugin was broken for some people. If anyone finds anything else that doesn’t work I’d really like to know please so I can fix! Thank you. The export/CSV functions will also be improved once I get some time.

    Your plugin is still running great here 🙂
    Waiting for the csv export feature!
    Take care,


    Plugin Author shortdark


    Hi Laurent, thanks for the info.

    I actually made a test for the CSV export and it worked for other people but not for me. I think this was due to all the security plugins I have on the test blog. I’ll probably add it as an option to unlock in the settings page on the next update and make it clear that it can conflict with other plugins.

    Next update will hopefully be in the next week or so… so the word count update will definitely be then and I think there should be some kind of CSV export too.

    Plugin Author shortdark


    Hi Johannes,

    Words per post should work better for you now. I know you have some posts of less than 100 words and many posts more than 750 so that’s quite a large range so I’d be really interested if it gives you more useful information, or not.

    To make the numbers fairly round I’ve bumped them up to the nearest 10. So, there might be 0-19 words, then 20-39 words, etc. Because I made it round numbers that means that for me there are a couple of empty slots at the end, the alternative would be to have uneven ranges like 0-17 words, 18-35, 36-… I think rounded numbers are better so I just need to find a way to re-calibrate the chart to remove those empty bars at the end.

    What do you think? Does this work for you?


    Thread Starter Johannes Weber


    Hey Neil,

    thanks for the update. Yes, it looks better now and gives a good overview.
    (However, in my case I have one high peak which results in many “0 posts” values followed by a single “1 posts” at the end. But I don’t know an easy solution to overcome this, so you must not care about this.)

    This is my current view:
    Words per Post
    0 – 329 words: 31 posts
    330 – 659 words: 58 posts
    660 – 989 words: 42 posts
    990 – 1319 words: 21 posts
    1320 – 1649 words: 14 posts
    1650 – 1979 words: 13 posts
    1980 – 2309 words: 4 posts
    2310 – 2639 words: 2 posts
    2640 – 2969 words: 6 posts
    2970 – 3299 words: 1 posts
    3300 – 3629 words: 1 posts
    3630 – 3959 words: 2 posts
    3960 – 4289 words: 0 posts
    4290 – 4619 words: 0 posts
    4620 – 4949 words: 0 posts
    4950 – 5279 words: 0 posts
    5280 – 5609 words: 0 posts
    5610 – 5939 words: 0 posts
    5940 – 6269 words: 0 posts
    6270 – 6599 words: 1 posts

    Thanks for that!

    Plugin Author shortdark



    I guess the perfect thing in this case would be if it had something like… “3960+ words”. Hmmm. Maybe there’s a better way of making the last one a “XX+” and having a fraction of the highest word counts in there might work.

    With your data I like the fact that it shows that one result is so far ahead of all the others, though. If it was “3960+” you’d lose that.

    I won’t go crazy on it but it definitely needs tidying up for next time. Thanks again!

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