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  • This occurred only when I installed 2.3

    Very simply, the word wrapping “turns off” after roughly 20-30 lines of text. Upon posting, the offending line of text indeed extends far outside the normal post margin/bounds.

    I’ve done a work-around by cutting and pasting all text into an external .txt Notepad file and then pasting it back in.

    Again, I’ve never once had this issue previous to 2.3

    Using latest Opera and WinXp, BTW.


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  • Incidentally, I opened an offending post in Firefox (vs. Opera where I authored said post) and it seemed to fix itself.

    Opera issue perhaps?

    I have the same issue here. Just spent about one hour trying to figure out what a hell. Safari 3 beta here. Is it Safari then?

    Just tested with Firefox, works fine.

    The plot thickens as, while using Opera, I seemed to have the same issue with Google Docs. Ironically, I was using Docs as a “workaround” to publish directly into my WordPress blog.

    …looking more and more like my Opera browser is a culprit.

    Yep, it is an Opera thing. I believe this is a related post:

    This isn’t an Opera thing, necessarily. I’m having wrap problems from the beginning in 2.3.1, and I’m using Windows XP and Firefox with TinyMCE Advanced plugin (needed to resolve the button problem, as well as get rid of the background-color problem). Any more ideas?

    Thank heavens I found this. Installed (fresh) WP2.5, writing the first post, enter for new para, and text just extended on and on and on……

    Same post written on localhost days earlier 2.5 didn’t have the same issue. Aha!! I switched from using Opera to Firefox, and it behaves.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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