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  • Hello I’m new to this so please have patience. I would like to know how to make a word in a discussion become a link. I comment on a friends site, I often see on his and on other websites a high-lighted word, when I click on the word it links me to a specific website or photo. what is this called, and how can I do it ? thank you

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  • Is this a blog or forum..And are you the owner of the blog or forum? Well anyways it a link button..When you reply to this message look at the top row of buttons you will see link button..You type your response as normal then highlight the word to be linked and push the link button and enter the url of linked word or phrase..Try it when you reply.

    Hello Mrsmonkey, and thank you for responding. I don’t have a blog, a friend of mine has a Sports blog and I write in to that site. We talk sports. I tried your instructions, I hi light a word, then hit the link button, I paste in my link address, but when I hit ok the word doesn’t come up hi-lighted but the whole address comes up? Example lets see if it happens in my reply. Marvin Haglar was a great World Champion. One of my favorite middleweights. How do I make it so the word “middleweights” is hi lighted but the address doesn’t come up until you click on the word middleweight. Thank you.

    Oh now that I’m seeing the post, your instructions worked perfectly. Thank you so much. And god bless you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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