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  • I have been thinking that perhaps the wordpress support link should not come strait to the forums. Instead a buffer page with relavent support information might save many people a lot of time.
    This buffer page could have links to the Wiki, the current FAQ and a new forum type Frequently Encountered Questions/Problems page, Some of the best WordPress Tutorials, A good CSS forum, PHP forum… And might be set up a bit like…
    Wiki – Perfect place to find information on WP template tags, How To Pages, Plugins, Hacks, Current Documentation, etc..
    A CSS Forum – For general questions pertaining to CSS…
    If this current page doesn’t help try the forums but please search first.
    I would be interested in working to set this up.

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  • An idea that’s definitely worth consideration and discussion!

    It is just about bed time for me. Is this the place for it or should we move it else where?

    I actually prefer how it’s set up right now. The discussions found on this forum are still the best support available for WordPress, and thanks to the new search script the wiki doesn’t get left out. Frustrated people don’t want to navigate a wiki, they want answers fast and searching a forum (plus wiki) is probably the best method. 🙂

    wiki need to be linked more clearly. 🙂

    I’d agree that the forums are the best support but davidprince’s idea of a buffer page is still a good idea since searching the forums (even with the improved search engine) can be problematic. Particularly for new users who don’t know what they’re doing and who will either not bother trying to search or won’t know how to phrase their search phrase to get the information they need. A collection of links to “popular” topics in the support forums (e.g. I’m having problem so & so) and links to the various bits of documentation scattered around the site would be very helpful to those new users.

    A fine example of this would be “WordPress Is Up, But I can’t Login?“.
    I have seen this question asked so many times on this forum and the solution is usually something simple relating to cookies, which has been answered so many times by the members here.
    Sometimes, providing such a thing could actually save space by not cluttering it up with redundant questions.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Believe me, there are lots of such examples.
    Part of the problem is that no matter what docs we have, some people will always pass them over in favour of someone telling them the answer. They may think that they are the first person ever to get a “Headers already sent” error for instance.
    Docs ARE good, and more pointers are being worked on, but they’ll never eliminate all the questions.
    There are those that will problem solve on their own.
    There are those that will problem solve if pointed in the right direction.
    And there is the ‘What docs ?’ brigade 🙂
    But that’s why we come along and answer … must be close to 20,000 WordPress installs out there, so in the big scheme of things, it ain’t so bad.

    Kind of like, RTFM ;o)

    There are so many different kinds of support, that the support pge should be directing towards all of them, first.
    Wiki, FAQ, Forums, etc. are all subsets of Support.

    Hell, you should have the top five problems example right in the sidebar, just above the search box.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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