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  • We have a WordPress’s application on the Azure’s WebApp.

    We have two environments there – DEV and Prod. Prod have a Staging swap-slot.

    DEV and PROD, obviously, use different MySQL database (we using MySQL In App now, but the same question related to ClearDB/MySQL setup).

    So, question is – how to do Blue-green deployment? What to do with databases?

    We have Travis configured to deploy code to different environments. But – Prod’s database will be updated during its usage be visitors, and DEV will be updated with developers (and, sure – will not have visitor’s changes from Prod).

    Are there any solutions/practises to realize that?

    P.S. And there is one more issue. “MySQL In App (preview)” does not allow to have separated database for WebApp and its Stage (swap-slot). This creates an additional headache for us.

    I’m playing with the dbForge Studio now but would like to automate this process, to make it easier for developers to release new site version.

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  • Hello setevoy,

    I am also trying to implement it for my site a azure. But trapped at the same point, how to deal with database in this case.

    Will you please guide me if you have discovered any work around.

    Sunil Chaudhary

    I am also looking for a solution in this area. Any chance someone with influence at can chime in or brainstorm?

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