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    I’ve been searching for a star rating system to fit with the current site I am developing. I’ve noticed that uses a very unique kind for their plugin rating system. This would work perfectly for my site’s needs. I think that “Amazon” rating system approach is the best solution. Does anyone know what they are using or at least knows of a plugin or hard code solution that works in a similar fashion?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • esmi


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    The rating system used here is a custom build and is not available outside of

    I thought as much. It’s a shame since it seems like a solid system.

    Is there anything similar out there in plugin or code form that has some of the same amazon review style functionality? Even if it’s a premium payable plugin, it’s something I’d support.



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    I’m sure there are lots of free and commercial plugins that you could use. This is a fairly common need. Have you tried looking through for example?

    Hi @sba, I’m the developer of the Rating-Widget plugin. It’s a rating system for WP blogs. Recently we added a cool feature of votes preview, very similar to Amazon. You can check it here:

    There is also a Premium version that supports ratings’ Analytics and Rating Rich Snippets which increase CTR:

    If you have any questions you are more than welcome contacting me directly via [vova AT rating-widget DOT com].


    I’ve been searching high and low for something like this as well. Unfortunately none of the free or premium plugins (including Rating-Widget) seem to really do the job. Most are just star ratings, not embedded into a commenting system like Amazon or Would gladly pay for something that met my needs but struggling to find it.

    I haven’t had much luck since I made this topic myself. There doesn’t seem to be plugins with the amazon like functions with a front-end comment system. Might have to look into hiring a wordpress developer at some point in order to have this kind of functionally custom built. Or cross my fingers someone makes a plugin at some point.

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    Oken – The system here is bbPress, integrated with out SVN/ logins, and a custom plugin by Otto, crossing between TWO separate bbPress installs. I don’t recommend it for everyone 😉

    @oken, if you decide to hire someone to develop this kind of functionality, please contact me first [vova AT rating-widget DOT com]. Thanks!

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    crossing between TWO separate bbPress installs

    Three, actually. Themes can be reviewed too. 🙂

    Also, Scott wrote the vast majority of the review code system. I just offered input and minor bugfixes.

    Essentially, we have a bbPress install here for the forums and another one for the plugins and themes directory. When you look at the Support or Reviews page on a plugin, you’re not really in the plugins directory anymore. You’re looking at a custom “view” of the support forums, showing you topics relevant to the plugin and either in the Plugins or Reviews forum. The topics use a custom taxonomy to mark what plugin/theme they are for. When you make a new support-post/review from that view, then it gets automatically marked as belonging to that plugin/theme via that custom taxonomy. The ratings are tied to the plugin, and user, and review post, all via metadata. Stuff like that plugin taxonomy is also used to allow plugin authors to do such things as mark support topics about their plugin as “resolved” as well, which other people don’t have the power to do.

    It’s all custom code because of the site’s overall architecture. Not something easy to package up and release for general purpose use.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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