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  • I switched over to on Monday.

    When I was using .com the changes that I made to my widgets would happen automatically however now I made changes about 18 hours ago and they still haven’t changed

    I wonder if this is just a blip as I’ve just switched over and soon it’ll happen automatically or is this a problem with .org that I’ll always have to cope with?


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  • This generally only occurs when a server caching plugin is in use – clear server cache after any site changes…

    To change the widgets, you gotta go to the Appearance panel.


    now I made changes about 18 hours ago and they still haven’t changed

    The issue does not appear to be a lack of understanding of how to work with widgets, but that only after a period of time are site modifications seen live, hence my thought on the commonly related and misunderstood issue of caching….

    Yup, so I’ve changed and added widgets in the appearance panel but they’re not showing up immediately in my live site. Literally it’s been about 20 hours now and I still can’t see the changes on the live site however they are there in the appearance panel?


    You may also be having another issue – you need to make sure that where the widgets are added to are a part or each page or page of posts – in other words, review with your theme (dev.’s) how to do this right…if it’s not as simple as using widgets, or complex as server cache, it is something, most likely the theme…

    Thanks so much for your advice.
    Can you explain in layman’s terms how I would check the things i need to check?
    Sorry I’m just a newbie – thanks so much

    Each theme has a place to put widgets and many are based on what the page template in use is or what post format is in use – review these topics on the codex and with your theme dev.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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