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  • Is a theme with the original look and feel available?
    I really like the homepage and was wondering whether a downloadable theme exists.

    Thanks for your help,


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  • Hello, I have found similar theme (free) for download here

    preview theme (image)




    if you want THAT theme – go to the original site. downloading “crap” from rapidshare that youre going to put up on your web site is ill advised, at best.

    thats the ORIGINAL site for that theme.

    downloading “crap” from rapidshare that youre going to put up on your web site is ill advised, at best.

    I have tested and walked thru the theme, it is no “crap”, it is absolutely the same, as original, only moded to look 2.5 bluish.
    There are some minor CSS modifications (in comparsion to the original one) and there is erased the default Google AD code on single.php (to make easier to put there your own ADs).




    and we should trust you, why? You have no history on this forum, you dont provide a “real” website to download from…

    That even I have looked through *some* of those files is of little consequence — it’s a bad precedent — downloading “crap” from rapidshare.

    new users of WP dont know the potential for someone, ANYONE to put one little line of code inside a file.. have their site 0wned. I do.

    My advice stands.

    WHOO> Buddy, it looks you have trouble reading.

    I have FOUND the theme today on the net in a forum about modifying original Daily Diary to fit WP.ORG V4 design. It is not my work so why should I put it on my site? I am only sharing mod with others, same way as I found it, cause it is GNU.

    Btw, as you can see, my nick is Mijk, not Stewwwie, as author’s nick is (even I have nice Stewies icon as Gravatar, cause I love that figure). Therefore I am only sharing link, which I have found. I was only trying to answer to Michaels question.

    Yes, I think it is very easy to say ‘and we should trust you, why?’.
    You told that you looked on *some* of the theme files, but you are judging it as ‘crap’. You didn’t even bother yourself with checking theme files, but you have enough ‘ego’ to mark is as ‘crap’.

    You are a ‘classic example’ of someone, who is ‘judging the book by it’s cover’ (it lies on rapid, so it is bad).

    Don’t bother yourself with an answer, this is my disclaimer.




    Obviously English is not your first language, and thats fine.. allow me clarify what “crap” is .. “crap” is stuff. I am not using it as an adjective, but as a noun.

    Second, your gravatar has nothing to do with what I said. I dont care if you are mijk, stewwie, or George Bush —

    You posted your link, thats fine.

    I have the right to let people know that downloading ANY themes or plugins from a site like rapidshare is not something they want to make a habit of.

    Once again, the potential for something malicious to be added to the theme, and it takes VERY little when you are talking about PHP, is heightened when something is located on a site that has NO accountability.

    Thats not clear to you, or what? Dont you understand that?

    As for my checking *some* of the theme files —

    1. I was at work, and I actually get paid to do stuff while I am there.. NOT to read through three plugins, and more theme files.
    2. Its not my job or responsibility to look at that code, and EVEN if I thought I looked at ALL the files, and said something like “yeah that looks good to me” … what if EYE missed something? Do I really want someone to come back to ME and say their site was compromised by something I said looked okay? I dont think so.

    There may be absolutely nothing wrong with those files. However, if there is — theres also no-one to hold accountable.

    You are a ‘classic example’ of someone, who is ‘judging the book by it’s cover’ (it lies on rapid, so it is bad).

    Thats funny — I have a paid account on rapidshare. I happen to like it, and it serves a great purpose. But guess what — I dont download “crap” from there and install it onto my computer (can you say trojan?) and I certainly wouldnt download a bunch of PHP files off there, and upload them to my web site, WITHOUT going over EVERY file with a fine toothed comb (can you say rooted??)

    But then, I know better. Lots of other people dont.

    I suggest you take the chip off your shoulder. You pasted your links, I replied. Its simple as that.

    Yes, Yes, now I understood. If in English could ‘sh*t’ word singify ‘something cool’, ‘crap’ could be ‘stuff’ :].
    English is really not my first lingo…

    They must find it difficult, those, who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority.
    G. Massey

    Hi, I have found very nice (not the same, but similar) theme GNU/GPLed (for whoooami – from a good source 🙂

    It is LUCAS theme by New Dirt Design 🙂

    live demo

    download (many colour variants)

    Presthor theme – – almost exactly the same free GNU WP-theme as V4 design.


    Thanks Mijk!

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