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    There apparently is some problem with the theme server and the 2010 Weaver theme. For still unknown reasons, the server has been apparently randomly delivering broken versions of the 2010 Weaver theme files, and the update is breaking.

    All the correct 2010 Weaver files are available on the server, it has just been delivering the wrong files. This is beyond my control as theme developer, and I am truly distressed at all the issues this has caused for the theme users.

    I don’t know how long this will remain an issue, but a full working version is available at – just download and follow these steps.

    1. If you’re system is hung, or you get an invalid theme message, you will need to use your hosts file access capabilities (e.g., cPanel for many hosts, or ftp access on others), and delete the entire 2010-weaver directory, found at your-site-root/wp-content/themes/2010-weaver. Your site will now display using a default theme.

    2. If it is working, you can also try just using the dashboard theme manager, and delete the old version of 2010 Weaver.

    3. Download the latest version at

    4. Use the theme manager to upload that .zip file, and install it. If you’re upgrading from and earlier version, you will likely see an upgrade message. You should be set to go.

    Sorry about all this, and I hope this info helps.

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    Contact and they should be able to fix that for you.

    Did that, and the new one seems to be OK.

    Just for more information, it turns out that the system generates copies of a theme’s .zip file (any theme available here) on the fly, and puts copies in /tmp directories on different servers. Depending on load balancing and whatever, one gets the file from a different server in a random fashion.

    Apparently one or more servers have generated broken copies of the theme .zip files, and thus the issue. The Piano Black theme suffered from the same issue, too, although it seems to have cleared up now.

    I have been having a strange problem since yesterday. I am deeply in love with Weaver-2010 (this is the first time I am truly falling in love!) that I downloaded from and this was working great, but after working on that for some time (like sidebars width and position change) and my website was started looking just too good when I got the redirect loop problem, later the following error message: “505 internal server error”. I browsed through all of WP forums, backed up database, did recommended changes to config.php, functions.php. But nothing happened. ( Support from my host said there is a “coding error”. At their server end they uploaded a test.php, which is working fine. I cannot login to access my dashboard. I disabled all plugins by renaming them via FTP. Nothing happened. Then I renamed all themes, except default, still reporting 505 server error. Checked required files via PHPmyAdmin. Nothing. My first real love affair and I feel jilted! Help!

    Wonder if I have to reinstall WP 3.0.1. all over again?

    Resinstalled WP and 2010W, but the site is now looking as if it is new without any posts. All my work on pages and post is not appearing. I checked wp-config.php again, the database details, etc, are correct. I cant figure out what went wrong!

    I generally don’t check very often – most of the support is done via

    Reinstalling WP would delete all your previous pages and posts (unless you restore the database.)

    Don’t know exactly what happened with your site, but renaming a theme directory does not hide it from WordPress – so if a file had gotten corrupted (like via the broken upgrade described in this thread), simply renaming will not remove the errors. You have to delete the theme subdirectory.

    With Weaver, all your settings will remain intact when you reinstall the theme.

    It looks at the moment your site is up – and it looks very nice with the flower background and transparent sidebars. I sincerely apologize for your difficulties, and hope things go better now that this upgrade issues seems past.

    Thanks a lot for your mail and for your nice words of appreciation. I tried everything that the forums suggested and only then posted my query. Finally, I did a reinstall, wp-config.php checked, and then the site is back. Now my only issue is slow loading of pages, which I will now check for culprit plugins. Thanks again.

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