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  • Ever since the move over to the yahoo format, I cant even explain how frustrating it is to find anything around here.

    I love wordpress, the forum the codex tremendously and use it extensively, but I have to say that this has crippled my use of these resources dramatically.

    The restrict search was a step in the right direction, but in my experience with it, it still doesnt return results with anywhere near the accuracy of the old set up.

    Just my 2¢ here

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  • I have to agree with more than 2¢… maybe 6¢, which raises it to 8¢!

    I have really been dissapointed with the oranization of the WP site. Although it feels like it is clean and intended to be helpful,… I feel like it is not giving me the information I am looking for. I find that I need to still do a great deal of hunting to find a current answer to a solution that I am seraching for.

    it would be nice if this were a stronger resource at this point. It just sucks… WP is such ana amazing prduct. I wish the codex were functioning better – to reflect this.

    The search here is a bit of a work in progress. When using it, be sure you click the appropriate check box for WHAT area you’re searching and then re-search. Sometimes a bit of a hassle, agreed.

    And frankly, I still use the “google method” for most of my searching. Just use the “site” tag as part of your search. For instance: kubrick pixel error
    will return results just on the support site. Change it to mysearch terms
    to look only at codex.

    I know I know… it doesn’t use the “kick butt Yahoo! search” but it does seem to work better for me…

    To call it a ‘work in progress’ would indicate there is time being spent on it… 😉


    There was, just a few weeks ago! Before then it didn’t work at all!

    there’s always time being spent on it… and what some people fail to realize, is that we have to wait for yahoo to find the page/post/thread/etc before the search will find it.

    personally, when i use the proper checkboxes (you can always click the button without entering something in the search box, and then do all the finangling on the actual search page) i have yet to have a problem finding SOMETHING to guide me.

    Well, you can always search in google for the meantime:


    Oh, I don’t fail to realize that using external search methodologies isn’t usually the best solution to a custom userbase. 😉 I mean, install a google appliance, or one of the dozens of other search solutions, internal to the WP server hosting if a generalized solution is desired. Otherwise, go back to the ‘built-in’ searching from the old days…

    Actually, now that we have tags, searching could probably be enhanced by looking at them as well (so long as you use stem word tests…).


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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