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    So I found the link to search the forum here, but does anyone else have problems searching the site? the one that says it is powered by Yahoo?

    In the search bar included at the top of every page of, it seems that no matter what I search for it comes back with no results. Is it just me? Is there some secret to it that would allow me to search the countless sections of very helpful docs?

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  • Yep, search here sucks. Broke and no clue when it will be un-broke. But there’s hope: Check out this post (it is stickied at the top of the forums list and “pink”)

    It offers some useful alternatives.

    Yeah the search never yields results for me …

    Search is not working at all for me either — it always says there is no matches even though I know there is.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Which is why the sticky.

    right, thanks for the confirmation.

    I saw the sticky, but I wanted to search the Documentation (Codex stuff), not the forum. I thought it might be a separate issue. The documentation is organized as well as can be expected, but there’s just so much there a nice search feature or easy to get to list of tags or something like that would be helpful.

    Oh well, the options in the sticky do work, it’s just the extra step.

    thanks for the replies

    *edited for clarification

    Try google site search. Enter the following into google:


    or even:


    There’s even a bookmarklet that does it for you, I use it the whole time, especially when a site doesn’t offer search.

    To follow on from maerk, to search the codex, just start your google search with

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    @thepianobar – good catch. I’ve altered the thread title. Thank you!


    Codex employs Categories to help segregate like information. For a list of those, check Special:Categories.

    thanks for all the helpful replies once again, I can now search in so many ways I don’t know which I should use. 😛

    @podz – if I would have read the entire sticky about it rather than skimming over the top and hurriedly going on to the next thing, I would have caught the section on the bottom for searching the Codex. (made me feel silly when I realized it was there the whole time. open mouth, insert foot) Thanks for changing the thread title though.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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