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  • Hi –

    Can anyone tell me how the Plugin Search ( works?

    Amongst others, i recently released my “YAPB Sidebar Widget” plugin ( which can’t be found via “yapb” (which is a relatively unique keyword imho) or any given permutation of the words [yapb, sidebar, widget]. All those words appear multiple times in the main php file of the plugin and the provided readme.txt.

    Same story for my “jp-admin-stylish-blue” custom admin color scheme – No way to find it now. BUT it was previously found in searches like “custom color scheme” or “admin blue”. If you search now: No chance to find it even if you know it’s name, function, whatever.

    Funny thing: If i search on google for “yapb sidebar image”, the according plugin page on appear on first position.

    What i can do that my plugins may be found over that search?

    Frustrated from Salzburg,


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  • jaroat


    Sorry for that previous flaming, but that’s still an topic.

    I do understand that the plugin repository isn’t a listing site, but shouldn’t it at least be possible to find a plugin if you already know it’s name?

    Could someone explain which fields of the plugin description get actually searched so i may adapt my readme or whatever?

    Thanks in advance and
    greets from Salzburg,




    The whole searchfunction from isn’t very good, perhaps they should Yahoo! for Google… I usually use Googles search when I look for a plugin.

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