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  • I ask you to do something, because every day there are more and more people who use this website to sell their stuff.
    Using for the promotion of their plugins or themes.
    It would be ok if they give at least some functionality to the plugin or theme, but they give you no choice, delete or buy a plugin or theme.

    I have nothing against selling plugins and themes. But selling them on, where I usually expect that plugins and themes are free?

    When I search for some feature, it knows to be even in tags of plugin, like:”100% responsive, 100% free…” etc. stuff. You install the plugin:”Please upgrade to PRO to have this feature, to have responsive design…

    Go sell your work somewhere else.

    Please make some criteria about plugins and themes on


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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    Can you link to an author’s profile who’s doing this? If an author is saying this within reason then I think that’s fine, for example it may well be that a feature requested by someone is outside of scope of the free version of the plugin. But I can see it can be an issue if that’s all the plugin author is replying with on every thread.

    Last one that makes me to write this is

    This guy explained it well

    There are many features in pro, youtube, vimeo, images, and so on.
    In free version you can only use text and background image.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    Ooh I see how that can come across as advertisement, . I also don’t know whether they should be saying support is at their site, then on their site saying support is only available if you pay them. People can still help out on forums if they want to.

    This part is best:

    “Note: This plugin is provided as-is, but PAID version for this plugin is available with a ton of extra and new features!”

    I would say those extra features are actually necessary ones.
    Nowhere you can read that free version can’t add youtube, vimeo, even image.

    Again, I say, I am not telling this to make author give this plugin free, but how many plugins I have to install ’till I find one which described features actually works.

    Andrew Nevins, thank you for understanding.

    I would say those extra features are actually necessary ones.

    I’m afraid that’s really a matter of opinion. We cannot force plugin developers to make all extra features free. The bottom line is – does the free plugin work or is it’s text & background functionality crippled in some way? If it works, then there’s nothing we can do.

    The bottom line is – does the free plugin work or is it’s text & background functionality crippled in some way?

    This works. That’s not a problem.
    He just needed to emphasize the difference between the free and pro versions, and I would never install it if I knew it is only background and text.
    Not just this plugin, but many of them using same tricks.
    Themes also.

    This works. That’s not a problem.

    Then there’s really no problem.

    I am asking you, developers of WordPress to protect us from fake plugins, fake description.
    They should be honest and writte about what free plugin gives and what are advantages of the PRO version.
    They trick us to install plugin which doesn’t do anything whats given in description.

    Copied:”This plugin is provided as-is”.
    It is as if the weatherman on the news say:”Tomorrow you will see how the weather will be tomorrow.”

    Resolved, anyway.
    I get the point. They can do that.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    You’re getting confused by a VERY understandable point of consternation. – which hosts core WP and plugins and themes – is NOT the same as ‘WordPress Developers’ (or even “Developers of WordPress”). Developers means ‘anyone who contributes to WP, be it via core, plugins, or themes.’

    Also WordPress is not, it just lives here.

    I know, it’s a mess.

    Anyway, point of that is this:

    1) The volunteer team who does Plugin reviews (hi!) DO try very hard to make people write clear and easy to understand readmes so that a user can look at the page on .org and go “Aha, this is a free, limited, version of this other plugin!” or “This plugin hooks up to a pay-for service”

    2) We have absolutely no control over other sites.

    If there are FAKE plugins on, we want to know. We do not feel that a limited version of a plugin, with no support, is against our guidelines, nor do we think that paying for a service violates them.

    tl;dr: All plugins here are free do download off,however you may have to pay extra for services. Also some plugins have more expansive versions for purchase. All those plugins are real 🙂

    Now I understand why are things the way they are.
    Thanks for the detail explanation, Ipstenu (Mika Epstein).


    Hi guys,

    I’m the developer of the Smart Slider 2 and I’m really disappointed because if this situation. Also LapanWebsite please apologize because I waste your time. I totally understand that it’s frustrating for you, but please consider my view too: I’ve developed this plugin for 5 months long and I’m working to create it better day by day, because this is my job. So yes I would like to earn a little money because of the extra support and extra features. But I thought that it’s reasonable.

    I think firstly I’m going to change the read me. But please share your opinion with me directly. What should I do? How can you imagine the future of this plugin? etc.

    I really hate if one of my user is disappointed, and because of the one star rating I’m also very disappointed too. So maybe we could figure out a better way for both of us. But for this you should discuss this thing with me. I’m really sorry that this can happened, so please contact me and I think together we can find a reasonable solution. 🙂

    Have a great weekend guys!

    Hi guys,

    because I really hate if somebody isn’t satisfied with my plugin,
    therefore I added the autoplay feature and the image item to the free version. Please check this and give us a new chance. 🙂

    If you have any other idea or feedback please feel to share it with me.

    I really sorry if you wasted your time as you can see I try my best and try to create a better plugin, so please write me an email if you have any suggestion.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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