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    I have found that you have to make sure you go to the specific login for your page to get the e-mail sent properly. and NOT the generic wordpress login.

    Perhaps that will help?

    Yesterday I set up my blog site which I dont have a username and password for.

    When you install WordPress you are asked to provide a Username for the main admin account(it’s part of the installation process for 3.0+), if this wasn’t provided then i can only assume you did this through a custom installer provided by your web host and i’d suggest checking their FAQ(if they have one) or alternatively seeking advice from them on how to track down the login credentials for the installation..

    You might be fortunate enough to retrieve the password by one of suggested methods by Esmi, but failing those methods drop an email to your host, or alteratively try a manual installation(ie. without the webhosts custom install procedure)..



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    As a last resort and since it’s a brand new and unused install – re-installing might be a viable option.

    I’ve been trying to login to admin my site and cant get in! All the passwords via word press were reset on 21 June 2011 – last Thursday and ever since then I have lost access to the back of site OR the front view (public). The site shows up in the browser i.e. google but the actual page/site wont show up when you click the link. Whats up word press?

    hi manawa, you should start your own thread.

    but anyway, that password reset only affects your account to these forums. your own site is hosted by your own server on your own database and was thus not affected by the password reset.

    Thanks for your reply!

    So to clarify – when i follow the link via my email, that is taking me into my own server and database?

    And are you telling me that I need to focus my efforts on server and database to resolve this issue?

    i.e. server needs a reboot or something?

    that depends on where the domain name is pointing to, but it’s either your own server or one belonging to whoever you pay for webhosting.

    yes, you have to first check that the server works, PHP works, the database can be reached and you can reach the login page before you even consider whether it’s a password issue.

    Thanks for your input – I’ll keep in touch. We are trying to find out who is our website host now! I manage the site but I dont know who the host is. We are looking for an invoice.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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