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WordPress.org layout — where'd the colour go?

  • Mark


    I see that WP.org has now been brought in line with the desaturated, silvery grey look of the WP 3.0 admin. While I don’t mind the changes to the WP 3.0 admin interface so much, I do think it is an error to do away with the fresh colour scheme of WP.org. The grey looks bland and unattractive; not good for fresh open source software that has just released a new version with loads of beautiful new features.

    The most important thing to realize is that the WP Dashboard serves radically different goals than the WordPress.org ‘storefront’. I think it is a mistake to use the same colour scheme for both. Imagine mozilla.com (champion of fresh and professional FOSS looks) being styled with the colours of the Firefox or Thunderbird user interface!

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  • Former color scheme was also taken from administration interface of WordPress so if you want to follow this rule of different look of wp.org from WP itself, there should be third color scheme that is not based on any from WP.



    Well I’m not dogmatic about following a rule or not. My main point is just that formerly, WP.org had a fresher look involving more colour and contrast. The current greyish look is suboptimal, and if it results from the thinking that WP.org should feature the same colour scheme as the WP dashboard, I give an argument against that. That it worked well some other time is possible. I’m not arguing that they should always be entirely different, just that it seems misguided to think they have to be the same.

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