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  • What on earth is up with the search here on

    Every question that comes up has almost always been answered at least once, so I always search for previous posts or documentation before starting a thread…

    but since the redesign here the search function has been completely useless. It your terms are in the Codex the results seem to be OK, but if you’re trying to find forum posts you just totally sunk. You’re better off to try a google search on the terms then on this site.

    Is it broken, or am I just an idiot.

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  • yeah, it’s pretty messed up.
    I’ve been told using the big search box here works a little better:

    Just use Google and search for something like

    wordpress "page template"

    🙂 John

    jpmcc, thats exactly what I’ve been doing with much better results then the search on this site.

    Looks like others are being bugged to:

    And if you want Google to search ONLY the support forum, put something like this in the field: query_posts offset

    But it may not be “kick-butt”!


    While a Google search might work, it’s still a bit messy, and it doesn’t pick up really recent stuff. It’s really unfortunate that you can’t do a simple thing like search for an answer to a question that has likely been asked (and answered) repeatedly.

    The “old” support forum was searchable… Is there any reason this functionality was removed, or any input as to its possible re-implementation?

    To search the support forum, I use

    Yep. Search is broken. I don’t have any idea when it won’t be broken. Sorry.

    I really hate to be critical, because everyone here has always been so kind, but it seems like in light of the launch of WP 2.0, there will be many more cries for help and everyone turning to the Support Forum. A wholesale redesign and restructure of the site should have waited until the feathers and fur settled a bit, don’t you agree?

    Meanwhile, the Google search seems to suffice for me, since I am still on 1.5.x, so some of the issues I have had are turning up.


    Hi joni – yes, google will work better for the older version. It’s not doing much “hitting” for 2.0, since so much of the posting is about the new version, and it does take a while for the posts to get indexed.

    It’s really a bummer….

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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