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  • Issue 1: I tried to gain access to this forum before the latest update. I never received my confirmation email. Even today, I have tried password recovert also and I NEVER get that email either.

    Issue 2: I have now registered a NEW account that I was able to get the confirmation with, however, I cannot see anywhere on this site where I can change my password from the one that was randomly generated.

    Any input from WordPress.Org folks would be nice!

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  • I figured out issue two. For some reason, the end of the profile edit area looks as follows:

    LineX1:  Mailing Lists  Subscribe to announcement list (a few messages a year)  Password (Twice)
    LineX2:  [FORM]
    LineX3:  [FORM]

    For some reason, there is a break missing after the mailing list line (which also doesn’t make much sense).

    Still no idea what’s up with Issue 1 though.

    WP folks. No answers?

    I have had the SAME problem. I’m very frustrated with the lack of response from WP. I had a possible hack-attack occur during February of 2007 – got an email from WP saying that someone had tried to reset the password for my account and to go ahead with the process follow or link or else do nothing if the request had not been made by me. Of course, I did nothing.

    About 5 months later, I tried logging into WP to access the forums. I tried every password I have with no success, finally requesting the password be sent to my email. I never received the email, despite multiple attempts. I tried emailing the website/forum admins about the issue but NEVER got a response. That was in July 2007.

    In December 2007 I tried again. This time I DID get an email and was able to reset my password but…today I tried logging in – once again, attempting every password I’ve ever used – with no luck. After trying password retrieval thrice and still never getting the email, I also created a new account (this one).

    Where is WP on this? I must say, I’m quite disappointed. I would like to see this issue resolved.

    I am really happy to be using WP’s software and I am really glad they have these support forums. WP is GREAT! I have to admit I am a bit disappointed about the lack of response on this though. :/ How many other users can’t gain access to because of the same issue? :/

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    That link is at the bottom of every page. Use it.

    Oh thanks for being a [rude personal remark moderated by m.] about the link. Tried it. Got no response.

    Hence, the disappointment.

    I have used the link several times or a two month period. I wouldn’t have started this thread without trying. Thank you for the tip. 🙂

    WP folks? You out there?

    I doubt they will see this either…

    No, the devs never or rarely visit the forum.
    And the volunteer helpers, including moderators, have no power to either respond to or modify the users.

    It’s unfortunate that when a bug is found on this website that we cannot report it. :/

    bakura, this also been happening too me, and i can’t make any new acct because i’m out of email to uses.. :(, where are the wordpress people when you need them…

    I think the best thing to do is keep reporting it, til they fix it…

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    They are aware of it, and they’ll fix it when they fix it.

    Also, the email password reset works perfectly. I just did it with my own account, and I received the email in a few seconds. Are you not checking your spam filters or something like that? Just try to login with the wrong password, and then click the recover password button. Works fine.

    I must admit I’ve never had this problem before.

    @autumneffect: If the moderators seem a little short, bear with them, they’re just volunteers here and don’t get much thanks for what they’re doing. There’s definitely no need to be nasty to them.

    I’ve seen many people rant at moderators for being short and I really can’t see what benefit it would do.

    There is a small glitch in the code on the Edit Profile page, but it shouldn’t cause a problem with password changing if Otto42 just managed it.

    What sort of email account are you using? Webmail, or are you getting mail from a POP account?

    hey otto did you happen to read my topic i made in the forum?

    I’ve made a new Email address to start get a new user name for the blog i registered ,for and i’m not getting any registered link in my mail box

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