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  • I’m very disappointed to learn that both and are using LiteSpeed, a COMMERCIAL alternative to Apache.

    Choosing to go with a very expensive commercial product (it costs $250 per CORE, so for instance a license for a dual Opteron 280 would run you $1,000) instead of supporting LightTPD (“Lighty”) or NGINX means losing a golden opportunity to advance these excellent Apache alternatives.

    WordPress is a model project on the power of open source, and it has enough muscle to speed up the development of more efficient webserver alternatives such as those mentioned.

    I wonder if they are paying the very expensive LiteSpeed licenses for all the servers that run and, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the other way around, LiteSpeed paying them to promote their product mentioning WordPress. In either case, it’s a wasted opportunity.

    And BTW, if anybody knows how to run WordPress with Lighty or NGINX, please post a tutorial somewhere, I failed miserably trying to set up WordPress with Lighty even though I read everything I could find.


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  • The Standard additon of Litespeed is free. is now running on nginx

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    Excellent, I have been advocating and breaking peoples’ balls for this to occur for a while now.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! and adopt NGINX, you’ll save a BUNDLE in hosting fees, your load will come down to the point where you think there is something wrong.

    Now that runs on NGINX, would someone please post “official” NGINX configuration for WordPress?

    I don’t know if “official” is the right word when discussing but there’s a few threads over in blogs that may help:

    It would really help to have some sort of documentation on the codex. Took me a while to figure it out but my other sites now run faster as a result.

    I’d be transferring my own site to a new server running NGINX in a few days.

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