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  1. ethanappleseed
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Howdy All!

    I am interested in installing and configuring WordPress MU as an e-portfolio system and wonder if any of you might have some insight into roles and permissions.

    Essentially, I'd like each user to create a blog to display and receive feedback on their ecological design work in the wide world. My main concern has to do with configuring ROLES and PERMISSIONS that will function across the different users' blogs on the WordPress MU install.

    1. Can install-wide roles and permissions be added and customized? Is it straightforward to do so? (WP implies here that they can be.)
    2. Have you ever seen WordPressMU used for this or a similar purpose?


  2. 1. In mu they are still blog by blog. mostly. you'll have better luck asking in the mu forums.

    2. Yes. Http://zenportfolios.com

  3. ethanappleseed
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Thanks Andrea!!! Much appreciated.

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