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  • 1. I have a blog at WordPress.Com:
    2. I wish to change the URL to something else [say], and use WordPress.Org [NOT .Com] for managing it.
    3. I want people to be able to email me at say, for which I wish to use Google Apps (free).

    How should I proceed now? Can I register a domain using Google Apps @$10, and then host the website on Google Apps/sites itself (using the WordPress.Org install)? Would I be able to export the current WordPress.Com content to it later, or should I copy-paste it there (I can do it as there are very few posts)?

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  • esmi


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    See Installing_WordPress. O9nce you new self-hosted site is up & running, you can export content from your site & import it into your new site.

    I’m not too familiar with Google Apps sites, so I’m not sure if they support WordPress.

    Basically you need PHP and MySQL to run WordPress. If Google doesn’t provide that, then you’ll need to find another host.

    Okay! So, can I call my Google Apps a/c storage my “self-hosted site” server?

    Okay! Lemme check it.
    But, if Google doesn’t, which hosting place is the best according to you?



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    As fonglh said, it’s unlikely that you will be able to self-host a WordPress site using a Google apps account – although you are free to use any email address that you want in your own WP site hosted elsewhere..

    Discussions about hosting providers aren’t allowed here, because they tend to degenerate into spam and advertising.

    However, there are some suggestions on the page.

    You’ll have to shop around yourself and consider your target audience. Your website may load faster for your users if you pick a host in a country where the majority of them reside.

    @esmi & fonglh,

    Thanks a lot for your help, guys. I’d look elsewhere for hosting then.

    I meant: I’d host it using WordPress elsewhere and use Google Apps for email! 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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