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wordpress.com Vs wordpress.org

  • Hello everyone

    WordPress virgin here!
    Only second week trying to develop something credible. I read an article about how to set-up a photographic blog using Graphpaperpress Themes. I thought I was pretty savvy and could do it; wasn’t aware of difference between wordpress.com Vs wordpress.org!
    I have simulated server on laptop with WordPress.org and created website with WordPress.com. Can I salvage the situation and redefine site to work under WordPress.org?


    WordPress virgin

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  • WordPress.com gives offers you a free platform to work on, while WordPress.org gives you a bit more freedom, but you have to provide your own hosting. Once you decide which direction to take, you can use Tools > Export and Tools > Import to transfer your blog from one blog to the other.

    wordpress.com doesn’t allow you to install plugins. They have like certain pre-built in plugins but wordpress.org, is total freedom for you. You can do whatever you want

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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