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  • Greetings,

    I am brand new and am hoping you can help assuage my confusion.

    After months of running a blog, I purchased a domain and upload software.

    However, the Presentation options appear lacking. There are no automatic widget options, and there is no browse button to search for new header images. On, a custom header can easily cropped after upload.

    I’ve read the documentation but am unfortunately still confused on how to change the image header. On I changed it every day because it was easy. Now I need some help learning how.

    What gives with

    And how, please do I upload a custom header image? just wasn’t that helpful.

    Thanks so much!


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  • the self-install version is quite a bit more D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself)

    there are 100’s of themes, way more than .com offers I think. Some of the themes you can get will put more tabs under Presentation, to give you more options. Some themes that give you options, have an easy interface for changing the header graphic. Likewise, some plugins you might install/activate can give you more tabs with options in the admin area.

    How to change the header graphic somewhat depends on which theme you choose. If you just use the Default, aka Kubrick, there is a special (fairly easy) method for changing the header. If you choose a different theme, this could vary from an easy header-options page in the Admin like you’re used to, down to simply going into your theme’s template code and tweaking the header by-hand.

    However, one shortcut trick I can tell you is: whatever header image you’ve got now, right-click it and look at the address of the image. If you make a new JPG with exactly the same file name, upload it to the same path and overwrite the old one — bingo, you have replaced it without tweaking any code.

    hope this helps you get started

    Thank you for responding.

    The theme I’ve been using is Pressrow. The Pressrow theme is a bit different, but I had expected the same types of options from it.

    I’ll try your recommendations, and thank you again for taking the time to comment.

    Hey all,

    I have two questions if you would be so kind to answer:

    Having transferred from to on my own domain, how do you transfer all your posts to the new domain? Is that possible?

    Also, I asked this question in another post:

    Is there an easy to way upload posts made on a site to a WP powered site?

    I hope I hope I hope I hope.


    But the moderator, moshu, wrote to ‘Keep it all in one place’. I’m confused. It seems that separate questions should have different posts. Should each user only use one post for all their subsequent questions in the future?

    Thank you.

    If anyone has the answer to the transfer question?

    Thanks for your time; much appreciated.

    Is there an easy way to transfer? No. There is not.


    Separate questions, in many cases should be a separate post. There are several sections of this forum: for Install questions, for CSS questions, for Plugins questions, etc. It is up to the question-writer to decide how to best pose your question, and when to close your old thread and mark it “Resolved”. Last I checked, we are not running out of pixels here. You may ask questions if you wish. Your questions are fine. New-comers usually have questions. It is always advised to search-first and see if your question has already been answered.

    Keep in mind the people who answer are volunteers. No single-person has all the right answers (including those who think they are the boss of all), and there is more than 1 answer to most questions.


    Is there an easy way to migrate your posts? I think there is. But I have not used .COM enough to know for sure. See this page, it might help,

    Do you know if your .COM site has an “Export” button somewhere? Hopefully it does, I’m not sure.

    If not, another method might be the RSS import mentioned on the Codex page above.


    Thank you very much.

    I did figure out the Manage>Import/Export buttons on each site. Whew! I was not looking forward to copying each post manually.

    Those who answer questions are greatly appreciated.



    The big question that leaves you with is how to transfer the images in posts? 🙂

    What happens to the images?


    What happens with images? Images are conveniently stored in directories by year and by month. So first figure them all out. God knows how. Then make equivalent directories. Then. Er ..right click etc. Times by 200. This will without fail drive you insane. I have been working on a script to automate the process. But it is very tough to do and it is not finished yet. If any Bash gurus want to help out please respond here.

    I see, because most people on .COM probably use the “Upload” feature to host their pictures, I guess. Therefore all the image links are pointing to whatever directories .COM made, apparently using the folders-by-date method. That could get pretty crazy quick.

    So do the images actually not show up? Can you not hotlink ’em from a remote domain?

    good luck making the script

    Well I dont think you would get away with hot linking off com for 2 minutes:) My script parses out a list of all the images using grep/awk/sed. Then using wget it goes and gets those images all on its own. No human intervention is needed. Its really neat. But getting them back in the right directories is what I am working on right now. But I repeat all help will be gratefully appreciated.

    I believe you, I wouldn’t know cuz of minimal experience w/ .COM – however some sites like flikr and photobucket and icanhascheezburger (which is on .COM) do encourage you to hotlink images.

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