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  • wilddogsandenglishmen


    If you were to rate the usability of, what would you rate it, if:

    1 – very poor usability
    2 – poor usability
    3 – average usability
    4 – good usability
    5 – excellent usability

    And why?

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  • WP Voyager


    First of all, these forums are specific to wordpress.ORG (which is a site for a free download of the WordPress program, designed for use in a self-hosted application), as opposed to wordpress.COM (which is a site that offers free hosting of simple blogs).

    As for WordPress, meaning the program itself, I would rate it at a 5.

    There is great usability, meaning that anyone from consumer bloggers to professional web developers. It has enough functionality out of the box, but also allows extensive modification and customization. The Plugin API is very versatile, allowing for thousands of unique add-ons. The theme system is excellent, allowing all the internal capabilities of WordPress to be called from an XHTML/CSS framework of almost any (standards compliant) design.

    But… This is not to say that there is no learning curve. Many people want to buzz in here, pick up the program, and use it like a pro with little or no intention to put effort into learning about the package. What you get out of WordPress depends on how much you are willing to put in.

    Also, WordPress might not be for everyone. WordPress started out as a blogging software, and that is its default application. With tweaking, it can shine as an excellent CMS for “traditional” style websites. But, if your goal is to create the next eBay, Amazon, or YouTube, you will be looking at another platform.
    (A side note: those big sites that I mentioned were not built on a distributed CMS. They were custom-built, and continue to be improved and revised by a huge team of expert, professional developers. So… WordPress will get you farther on a miniscule budget than hiring all that expensive help 🙂 Wanted to make that clear.)

    So, there you have it. I consider WordPress to be a top-rate Blog CMS/Traditional CMS with helpful features and a great user community. WordPress has the awards to prove it too!

    Sorry about the long reading, nothing less seemed to do WP justice.

    –MindBlender 3D

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