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  • I have researched this topic to the extent of getting completely confused. Please bear with me. I have been building a site and a blog ad hoc for the past year and now I would like to migrate everything into

    1. I have a domain name on godaddy which currently redirects to I would like to migrate the same domain name over to

    2. When I migrate to .org, is there a way to bring all my .com archive posts and comments over to the .org.

    3. I was just picked by .com as a featured blog on their homepage. will I lose the ranking by moving?

    4. is it true that you get less page views on .org?

    5. Does .org have stat watchers like .com?

    6. What do I do first so as to not lose EVERYTHING. Do I signup with Bluehost first? Then, do I set up the new .org theme and THEN export from .com?

    Or do I export from .com to desktop…

    What is the best order?

    …I really would appreciate simple step by step on this

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  • is a place to have your blog hosted for free. is web site owned by the people who create the WordPress software. You cannot host your site here on When people refer to web sites, they simply mean buying a domain name like, hosting it somewhere (on a hosting company; godaddy does that, but please don’t take that as a recommendation), and installing the WordPress software yourself on your newly-purchased domain name.

    The Second Edition of WordPress for Dummies is a great book that I would recommend, as it really does explain the difference between free hosting and self-hosting, using the and terms.

    Don’t take this wrong, but I believe that the book will help you more than anyone could on this forum.



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    1. You can point Domain name to your webhost server, however, you have other issues to contend with first.
    2. Yes, export XML from your blog and save to your computer.
    3. What ranking, search engine’s or There are a variety of ways to increase search engine ranking with self-hosted or site.
    4. Your subscribers will carry on to your new blog as long as you know what to do. How are readers picking up your feeds – subscriber opt-in to blog or Feedburner?
    5. Different stat plugins in self-hosted WP blogs are available. You would need to install them by yourself.
    6. You do need a webhost server.
    You will need to point domain name to your webhost.
    You will need to create database for your WP.
    You will need to install WP in that webhost server.
    You will need to import the XML you exported from
    You will need to upload your plugins and theme and then activate them.
    You will need to maintain your WP installation by keeping up to date on upgrades, security concerns, etc.

    Why do you want to transfer to a self-hosted WordPress?
    Are you ready to take some time to learn and implement all the required technical stuff to install and maintain your WordPress installation?

    Thank you so much for replies. Mercime I really appreciate the details you’ve outlined. Yes, I am prepared to learn and implement – the primary reason is that the themes on .com are boring and restricted. I want to have more interesting themes, more options of widgets, and the ability to monetize with ads.

    What you have explained is very important re manual installation of plugins for stats etc.

    I think I am ready but I will do some reading on the plugin situation.

    Thank you so much for answering the points one by one.

    Cheers all.

    kudos mercime, beautiful short answer

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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