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  • Hi there

    WordPress Stats is a nice, compact summary, and it’s great i don’t have to run it on my own server.

    But one feature i really would like to see is the number of unique visitors daily.

    Could this be added?

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  • I second that. Unique visitors is perhaps the most important statistic to a web site, yet it is missing from this plugin.

    Oh was about to install this but if it doesn’t have unique visitors it’s useless, that’s very surreal, it’s the no#1 most important stat.

    Another thing that would be really nice is a Widget to add the tracking code necessary – if it’s not already there – like BlogStats by W3Counter.

    It’s fairly simple, but would be a no brainer with a Widget, plus it’d make it easy for new people or those who don’t want to touch code.

    I think some people are probably puzzled when they install the plugin to find it doesn’t work because their theme doesn’t make the necessary call.

    Found this thread because I, too, have been wondering if there’s anything like WP-Stats — but with unique visitor counts included.

    I don’t know for sure, but I would guess the reason WP-Stats doesn’t include uniques, is because it would require logging the IP address of every single person who visits your blog.

    WP-Stats runs on’s servers, and it’s offered for free to anyone who wishes to use it. Granted, what WP-Stats DOES already is no small task, but it seems to me like logging IP addresses and comparing old ones to new ones (to determine if someone’s unique or not) could slow things down somewhat.

    I remember back in the late 90s, when a website called “Hitbox” (which eventually became “Web Side Story”… or was it vice versa?) offered a great, free counter that tracked uniques. You could even see which “paths” people took as they clicked from page to page within your website. It was really awesome. But it was only a couple years later until the software got bogged down with ads and it seemed like the results were nowhere as accurate as they used to be.

    In any event, if anyone out there does know of a good program that can track uniques, please let me know. I’m also running FeedBurner on my websites in order to track stats, but FeedBurner’s numbers often vary greatly from WP-Stats. I especially hate how FeedBurner will, for some odd reason, record hits for the same page in different places on the “top pages” list, leaving me to manually add up the hit counts to determine the true rankings. (If all the hits come from the same page with the same permalink, why do some get listed separately??)

    I love WP-Stats because it’s got a better layout and it’s much faster than FeedBurner. But it doesn’t show me what countries people come from, what browsers they’re using, screen resolutions… FeedBurner does. It would be great to get one stats package that can show me ALL of these things (plus unique visitor counts) in one place.

    there is a plugin called pixel stats that looks interesting, it seems simple but might go nicely along side WP stats, going to see what happens

    could someone please explain the Dashboard stats to me..
    sometimes.. I have just posted and I go into my page..and see 3 visitors already…

    how can I get a accurate idea of how many people are reading me.. not just a count of how many times I have gone it to look .. lol
    thanks guys!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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