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  • I have a problem I can’t find the answer for:

    I have a blog, lets call it BLOG.COM

    In the wordpress stats plugin (this is a self hosted blog), on the drop down there are two blogs listed: BLOG.COM and http://WWW.BLOG.COM

    How the heck do I delete the http://WWW.BLOG.COM? I have over a years worth of stats associated with BLOG.COM but now for some reason http://WWW.BLOG.COM has shown up and all the stats as of today are showing up only when I select that from the drop-down.

    I’m not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere, but it is driving me up the wall!

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  • You need to check whether visitors are allowed to surf If you’d prefer just you can set up Apache, and WordPress, without the www, and then in your .htaccess you can redirect to

    Is that change made in the General Settings of the admin dashboard at Blog address (URL)???



    I have the same problem where every time one upgrades or deactviates the plugin you are given a choice to link the stats going forward to a new history or older database.

    I have made the same mistake and lost connection to older stats.

    This is a confusing issue with wordpress stats and I wish they would fix it.

    I can see no way to DELETE 3-4 duplicate DBs unless having to go into mysqladmin but then that’s not what I am competent to do.

    Secondly, the newsest iteration of wordpress stats is not recording visitors well at all. My stats have dropped off the table but awstats and statcounter show steady increase but WP Stats update for wp28 is not working well at all.

    What “worldview” said! I just upgraded to 2.8, and now I have two databases. One has stats from before the upgrade, and one has stats from after.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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