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[Resolved] wordpress.com stats — pageviews at Nill …

  • Hi all,

    I started running a blog at http://www.jeffschult.com/blog in December. Among the plugins I’ve been using is wordpress.com stats — the one that uses wordpress.com’s processing with the API key. It’s worked fine on that site since Day 1, never a problem.

    BUT — I have since launched two other blogs.


    Both are using the stats program. Both have my user API key. Both installed and activated without incident.

    I have the choice of viewing stats for all three sites when I click on “Blog Stats” on my Dashboard. However, the two newer sites have never shown any page views, hits, clicks, etc. though I know they have received many. They look fine. They just show no traffic.


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  • The stats for the prismadental.com site started working mysteriously about 12 hours after I posted. I’m still troubleshooting the nowzenstore.com problem and at the moment — my guess is that it has something to do with redirection and multiple domain ownership under Yahoo’s roof.

    Leaving the issue open for now …

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)


    WordPress.org Tech Dude

    It can sometimes take a while before stats start showing up. I don’t see any particular problem on your site, the javascript tracking code is there and correct. Give it a while.

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