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  • I accidentally told it to import data from my other website. Now I want it to be using data for my main site? I’ve tried deleting the FTP files and uninstalling/deactivating and it still saves that info. How do I delete plugins completely to start over from scratch?

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  • Hi Alexzandra,
    I’m having the same problem. There is some information in the WordPress Codex regarding plugins, how to deactivate them and then remove them. I’m not sufficiently familiar with the php code yet so cannot give you specific pointers as to how to do it. From what I’m experiencing it may be necessary to deactivate and then delete the code in both affected sites. The codex suggests that it is necessary to study what the author of the code says about the plugin so that’s my next step.

    Hope this helps


    Thank You…I’ve tried deleting all files thru WordPress and thru FTP/my host with no luck. Settings stay the same even after completely deleting and attempting to reinstall.

    Alexzandra – did you get your problem fixed?

    Were you having any problems with functionality?

    I did not get this problem fixed. I’m not sure it’s a functionality issue or not but I’d just like to completely delete all files and settings associated with this plugin in order to reinstall and enter a new API key for the correct account. I’ve tried deactivating and deleting the plugin and then deleting all files from my FTP server and reinstalling but the settings remain the same on reinstall.

    If you are deleting the files in your FTP program, instead try deleting the plugin from within WordPress.

    Happy Christmas Alexzandra, fjolson and Andy.
    I have scrutinised the source code for site stats and found as follows:-
    There are two panels or boxes. One is in the dashboard panel and one is in the Plugins panel. As far as I can tell the plugins panel code simply configures the stats. The Dashboard panel gives instructions as to which stats will be shown. In my case I have two sites which are affected; call them A and B. A was a site which was working correctly. B did not show stats at all. When I tried to activate stats on B somehow a suggestion was made to install the stats from A.
    I did this to at least gets stats running on B. However when I tried to reverse this arrangement there were no options that I could find to make it happen. The current situation is that B shows exactly the same stats as A and A shows stats which it says are copied from B but this is only displayed if I click on “site stats” in the dashboard panel. Looking at the source code for A shows that B is mentioned twice. In other sites which work correctly this does not happen. Unfortunately I see no option to edit the dashboard code or I would give it a try.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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