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  • Been running the Stats plugin since August, love it. Since upgrading to 2.9 the plugin appears to be working properly, but apparently there have been zero hits for the past three days. Something is obviously wrong there. Anybody else have this problem or has there been a fix for it?

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  • Yes, stats module did reactivate after 2.9 upgrade but shows no hits. So, I’m reasoning the plugin is broken with 2.9.

    It’s not really going to help you, I’m afraid, but it works in my 2.9 setup. That would make it a “2.9 with certain hosters” problem; there’s a few of those.



    Here I also found troubles with the stats plugin. Since the upgrade successfully completed, I’ve got zero hits since that day and on….
    Version of the stats plugin is release 1.6.



    Not working for me either. I’m on WordPress 2.9 hosted with DreamHost.



    Even an uninstall/install option on the stats plugin didn’t solve this issue…



    Same here…
    Any other stats plugin we can use?



    strange thing: it has nothing to do with your host:
    Here I use approx. 5 WP-sites,
    and so far I can tell, only 1 of them has this problem…

    So in my opinion: Stats isn’t that foolproof and should be fixed…

    So far: still no stats and 0 users the last couple of days!



    I’m new to and just installed the site statistics. (i’ve had a blog at and never had problems.)

    Will someone from WordPress address this? Is there another program that should be used?

    I saw that they are offering an update to 2.9. Does that solve the problem? Thanks!



    I’ve just two days ago upgraded my blog from WordPress 2.1 to WordPress 2.9. Along the way I decided to stop using Slimstats and go with the stats, which have been working fine in another smaller blog I manage (WordPress 2.8.6).

    However the WordPress stats plugin reports that my site has received 0 visitors the last few days. It regularly receives about 500 visitors per day.

    Is anyone looking into fixing this problem?



    I’ve discovered that the stats weren’t working due to my cobbled together theme, which lacked a

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    call at the end of the page (just before the </body> tag). Once I added that line the stats started rolling in as expected.



    Nope that didn’t work for me… I use the Birdie-theme from lorem Ipsum.



    For what it’s worth, the plugin is working fine for me, even after upgrading to WordPress 2.9.

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    It has been working fine for me however the stats are not appearing in my Dashboard. The stats widget fails to load.



    Not working for me with WP 2.9… reporting 0 hits after 3 days.
    I’m also using Analytics360 which shows that my site is getting hits.

    Please fix Stats for 2.9 !!



    does upgrading to 2.9.1 help?

    I’m used to where things seem to get FIXED – or at least addressed/responded to – once people make note of the problem!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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