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  • Hello,

    Does anyone know what plugins are used on to implement the functionality for the Rate this / Share this / Like this features?

    I am in the process of migrating my blog from to a self-hosted environment and would would very much like to carry the same functionality there. (By default, it’s not available.)

    Also, would it be possible to migrate the current Likes/Rates to the new self-hosting environment? I’m guessing if the same plugins are used and if the Export/Import actions are capable of handling the associated data this should be doable… or not? Anyone with more experience in this area?

    Would really appreciate some advice.


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  • No takers?!? Com’n… I’m willing to offer a virtual beer… 🙂

    If you are referring to the “Likes/Share” that are within the WP.COM network, no there is no equivalent in WP.ORG — because self-hosted sites have no connection to each other. There ARE, however, many plug-ins for using “external” social media — fb, twitter, etc.

    Well, out of that many plugins that exist for social media I would have loved to use EXACTLY those used by on their standard offering. That’s why I am interested in the name of those plugins — so that I can check them out.

    In the meantime I stumbled upon Jetpack plugin which IS published by and DOES offer similar functionality (and some extra) but not quite a perfect match with what they have on the free blogs hosted at Or do I need to further customize the plugin somehow?

    For example, the buttons that are shown after the “Share this:” text are not the same as the ones available on There also not as many.

    The whole “Publicize” section is missing (the one that lets one connect to Facebook, Twitter, etc., so that a new post on the blog is automatically published on those services as well).

    Does anyone has experiences with this?


    You can install the updated plugin(5.0.1) on your wordpress blog from here:

    In case of any issues, please feel free to contact us.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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