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  • Is there anyone from who handles day-to-day user support? I tried to take a look at my blog this morning and all I get is a message that says:

    This blog has been archived or suspended. —

    I mean, archived or suspended by whom?? Is there someone I can ask to unarchive or suspend it?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I’ll use my feedback link and point it to this thread.

    Thank you, Podz. I think I should have done a better job searching for my question in the forums already, though, for example:

    Sorry about that. A small bug in our anti-spam software picked your blog up, and it got through out review process. You blog should be ok now! Thanks Podz for the feedback!

    Thanks, donncha. Much obliged.

    I see other posts about why sites are being suspended. My case is slightly different. I use to provide examples to my students in WS320 Gender and Technology at OSU. This site works fine.

    Today, however, none of my students sites are working!

    Is there a rule about students using your site for a course? If so, please provide a link to where it states this.

    If not, when will their sites be back to normal? Is a server down?

    I was thrilled when the .com came together; it’s simplified the teaching of my course tremendously. You see, most of my students cannot get through the installation process for’s product. So the .com is a great solution.

    Thank yhou.

    As far as I know the site where you are hosted has its own forum:
    You’d be better off posting there.

    Thank you. I don’t see a link for that on the home page. It’s linked at the very bottom of the long, long dashboard page, however.

    pamvanlonden and others with this problem (as well as those who don’t want to see stuff like the bright pink stickies forever or the silly tag cloud), if you use Firefox, get the RIP extension, and use it selectively to get rid of the crap on the very very long dashboard page or anywhere else….

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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