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  • I have read thru the first 121 threads related to the tag “integrate” and the first 35 threads related to the tag “embed” and there is not an answer to this question.

    The BIG DIFFERENCE between me and all those other folks posting is that I do NOT have installed on my own server. I do NOT want to host my own wordpress blog.

    I just started using wordpress.COM as my blog.

    The person who set up my website used Joomla. (But for this discussion, you could probably just as well assume I used a “website creator”-type application from my registrar or webhost.)

    Across the top of the site is my menu bar. One of the drop down menu selections is “Blog”. Right now, it goes to a blank page in my site.

    All I want is to see my wordpress.COM blog, EXACTLY as it appears at , showing up as the “blog” page in my website.

    I don’t care about templates. I don’t care about designing anything. That’s why I went with wordpress.COM for the blog – because the blog application inside joomla s*cks. So I don’t want to ever have to go into joomla to access my blog.

    I want to continue to go to my blog page, log in, do my blog stuff, leave, and have anyone visiting my website’s “blog” page to see exactly what they’d see if they went to my site – looking exactly like it does there – with whatever entries, comments, and sidebar items that are there.

    So you can say I want to “integrate” or “embed” but I’m not prepared to use those terms because of the prior post baggage they come with.

    I’ll say that I want to VIEW my wordpress.COM blog, from within my website, exactly as it appears at The caveat is that I want to be able to view it WITHIN my website without sending my site traffic OUT of my site and to the actual site.

    I’m not a techie so, for we non-techies, I’d think that what I’m asking would be relatively easy.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • I think you may be in the wrong place. You’d probably have better luck over in the forums.

    Doesn’t offer some upgrade by which they’ll make this work?

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