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  1. storyfirst
    Posted 6 years ago #

    This is more a heads-up than a query.

    A couple months ago I installed LiquidStudio's wordpressbackup plugin, did the setup and checked that everything was working. Which it was. I continued to check it for a couple weeks.

    A few weeks ago I had a major meltdown and lost my wordpress sql database. Long story.

    I was too busy just then to go to the wordpressbackup website to see how to initiate a recovery, and then when I tried last week, I was out of luck. The front page


    is up, but every other page is down with a 404, including 'contact us.' There's a note about updating the software, but that's been there for a week. I did manage to track down an email through the LiquidStudio's webpage and I've written twice asking for information on the status of the plugin and the backup, but I haven't had a reply

    So if you are using this plug-in, you might want to and find another option.

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