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  • Hello,
    I want to post articles to my blog from a C# desktop application. For this i am using XMLRC. The code without the custom fields is working fine.

    I will be thankful if you can help me solving the following: 1- Why the code that i wrote for custom fields in not working ? I want to set the All In One SEO pack plugin fields.

    2- How can i attach Featured Image ?

    Following is my code:

    public interface IgetCatList
        string NewPage(int blogId, string strUserName, string strPassword, blogInfo content, int publish);
        [XmlRpcMethod("metaWeblog.newMediaObject", Description = "Add a media object to a post using the metaWeblog API. Returns media url as a string.")]
        MediaObjectUrl newMediaObject(int blogid,string username,string password,MediaObject mediaObject);
    public struct customField
        public string key;
        public string value;
    public struct blogInfo
        public string title;
        public string description;
        public string post_type;
        public string[] categories;
        public string mt_keywords;
        public string mt_excerpt;
        public customField[] custom_fields;
    private void PostToBlogUsingXMLRC(string pTitle,string pPost)
            blogInfo newBlogPost = default(blogInfo);
            newBlogPost.title = pTitle;
            newBlogPost.description = pPost;
            newBlogPost.categories = new string[] { "TechReviews" };
            newBlogPost.post_type = "post";
            newBlogPost.mt_excerpt = "this is excerpt";
            newBlogPost.mt_keywords = "keywrod";
            customField aioseoTitle = default(customField);
            aioseoTitle.key = "_aioseop_title";
            aioseoTitle.value = "This is SEO Title";
            customField aioseoDesc = default(customField);
            aioseoDesc.key = "_aioseop_description";
            aioseoDesc.value = "This is SEO description";
            customField aioseoKeyword = default(customField);
            aioseoKeyword.key = "_aioseop_keywords";
            aioseoKeyword.value = "This is SEO keywords";
            //customField thumbnailImage = default(customField);
            //thumbnailImage.key = "_thumbnail_id";
            //thumbnailImage.value= PostNewMediaObject();
            newBlogPost.custom_fields = new customField[] { aioseoTitle, aioseoDesc, aioseoKeyword };
            categories = (IgetCatList)XmlRpcProxyGen.Create(typeof(IgetCatList));
            clientProtocol = (XmlRpcClientProtocol)categories;
            clientProtocol.Url = "";
            string result = null;
            result = "";
                result = categories.NewPage(1, "ID", "Pass", newBlogPost, 1);
                MessageBox.Show("Posted to Blog successfullly! Post ID : " + result);
                pTitle = "";
                pPost = "";
            catch (Exception ex)

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