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  • I created a website in WYSIWYG 9 and saved it to my desk top seeing as trying to upload via FTP with is a total and complete nightmare.

    I installed wordpress to my site and now I just want to upload the site that I built. Please can someone help me??? I don’t know what else to do. I now have this nasty blog thing where my web page should be.

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  • You installed WordPress on your server and now you want to make it look like the site that you built in WYSIWYG?

    Do you have experience with editing themes in WordPress? Cause that’s where most of the work will have to be done.

    No, WordPress is totally new to me. I watched the videos but they show how to build the site which means I have to start over and all the work I did was for nothing. With the help of cyberduck I found all of the files from word press and deleted them then uploaded the file I saved to my desktop to the file that word press was in. Now I have a web site I can view online before I publish.

    I have no idea how anyone could enjoy doing this stuff. I hate it and everything to do with it. I’ll just keep plugging away. Thanks for at least responding to my question. I know now that what I wanted to do can not be done and it was stupid to even try.

    What you want to do can be done but it does require that you learn a whole lot more about how WordPress works internally and creating themes before you start. As with everything else, there’s always a learnign curve. In your case it seems like you were trying to get into a pretty heavy side of things before you were ready, and that’s not a bad thing because you at least tried where most won’t. As far as enjoying it, that takes the right mind-set, a bit of training and at least some knowledge to get things started. When you can see the results turning out how you want them to after a lot of hard work, the reward does start to show.

    You can see what I have been doing at and
    I created both sites with two different programs and honestly hate them both. They both have elements in them that I need and want. I will keep working at it and one day I will have a site that I am proud of. For now, this will do, I am pulling the code from one into the other and making two sites into one.

    Thanks for at least trying to help an old fool.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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