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  • i’ve been working with wordpress for about a week – integrated into my joomla site thanks to predator (thanks pred, very smooth bridge) – and i can’t say enough about how continually impressed i am.

    it’s so elegant, so easy to work with, and so well thought out that it seems to always anticipate my needs. all that can be said is: well done. this is effortless sophistication in blogging as it was meant to be.

    i haven’t even gotten into the world of plugins yet, but i can’t wait to have my mind blown further when i find out how such a great piece of work can be made to do even cooler tricks.

    and i haven’t looked at the code yet, but judging by the obvious attention to detail on the user and admin front ends, i don’t think i’ll be disappointed.

    as a developer, i can only hope that i eventually find a gap that i can fill with some code of my own, and give back a bit. for now, i’m happy to add it to my arsenal of solutions for clients and friends.

    looking forward to getting my head more fully around the wordpress system and its community.

    congrats folks, you’ve built something to be proud of.

    code is poetry…you’re killing me..right on for that.

    all the best.

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