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    This is an app based on the job-manager plugin, which has been working great for about 8 months, running whatever was the stable WordPress (5.0?) and job-manager (1.2.x?) versions at that time. The site got upgraded to WordPress 5.2.2 and job-manager 1.33.3 and somewhere in there, I seem to have lost the ability to pass a GET query string to the plugin.

    In the past I have been able to construct an URL like “blahblah/wordpress/?search_category=14” or a GET form with an input called search_keywords and it’s worked great. But now since the upgrades it seems like the query string is always ignored, the whole unfiltered jobs database displays no matter what.

    Can you think of anything that’s changed that might be causing this behavior?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Okay, update: I discovered that if I enable the search_jobs div to display the built-in search controls, I’m able to search by category / keyword okay there. But when I try to use the GET query links in the sidebar, the search silently fails, it displays the whole dataset.

    I haven’t yet looked at how the search_jobs builtin form works internally so I’m not sure what’s different.

    I found the “dealing with troublesome themes” page on the wp-job-manager site, which says problems are sometimes due to a faulty single.php template, but I’m not using a single.php template — the only thing the app is using is the aggregate [jobs] view.

    Not running any other plugins besides wp-job-manager and this all worked great before software updates; there have been no changes to the code base in weeks.

    Am I possibly running into this issue?

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    Our developer wants to know if you are seeing the full set of results for any keyword query that you try, or if it is just some of them? Also, could you try clearing transients and opening a new browser tab (which will clear session storage) and see if that helps?


    I am getting the full set of results for all queries against search_category and search_keyword.

    You can see this behavior on the live site The sidebar links and search box are broken (used to work fine) but if I go into the Inspector tools style editor, go to line 53 of style.css and change the search_jobs div to display:block (making it visible at the top), I can keyword search and category search okay from there.

    But it seems like anything I pass as a GET query (/mysite/?var=whatever) is getting ignored. Nothing is showing up in debug.log as an error.



    Is this possible with wp job manager to make that site .If yes then, how you remove that options like apply for job search etc .I am wondering How you have used wp job manager?. Are you using any theme

    Okay I found that rolling back to (the latest pre-1.3x version) fixes the problem. So I’m gonna do that on the production server for the time being.

    rohitkalra: yes, that site is built entirely from wp-job-manager and a custom theme I wrote from scratch. I set up the different custom fields via code in the theme’s functions.php and then designed the output mostly through template overrides.

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    @h_double I’ve let our developers know about the problem you’re facing. They’re going to get back to soon as this is a bit above my head! I’ll let you know when I hear back from them.

    Thanks so much! I’m okay for now rolled back to the previous version of the plugin, please let me know if I can provide anything else helpful from this end.

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    Our developer thinks that this should fix the issue, when merged into the plugin:

    And they agree that the cause likely was .


    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    I’m marking this thread as Resolved as it’s been more than a month since the last reply. I realize that the underlying issue has not been resolved yet as the Pull Request has not been merged, but it’s best if we continue to track the problem in Github directly.

    Thanks for the response! Marking this thread as resolved is fine with me.

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