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  • Hi, can someone help me please?

    I added some new pages to my website. They work perfectly on the dashboard but the changes so not take affect when you view the site normally.

    My head is wrecked 🙁

    Any ideas??

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  • Michael


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    Ok, sorry.

    I have tried so many things.

    I have cleaned the cache, used a different computer, changed theme etc etc. Im at a loss.

    The database updates and my new pages are visible on the database as normal. People looking at the site from their own homes cannot see the changes/updates I have made. It used to go instantly up but no will not work at all.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Check if you are using some cache plugin.

    Should I be using a cache plugin? Thanks 🙂

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    @niall123000 As alchymyth replied above could you please stop creating duplicate topics? If you have something to add to this one, do so here.

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    Should I be using a cache plugin?

    no – just make sure that no chaching plugin is active at the moment.

    can you post a link to your site?
    what latest post/page/change would you expect to see in the site?

    Hey, thanks for replying. My site is

    I tried to add Christmas photos under Special Events but they wont appear.

    I disabled my caching plugin.

    Thanks again.

    Just to add that I cannot access wp-admin login page on any computer apart from my own. Something is seriously wrong :-/



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    add Christmas photos under Special Events

    the ‘special events’ page seems to be using a specially edited page.php template to show a list of child pages, but possibly no direct content;
    are the ‘Christmas photos’ in a child page of the ‘special events’ page?

    /wp-login.php shows the login form;
    obviously I can’t check if the login is working.

    Yes. The Christmas photos are in a child page of “special events”.

    On my database it goes as follows.

    News & Events – Special Events – Christmas Photos.

    When I click update it presents perfectly on the database but I expect to see the changes when I check the site but no one can see the changes I have made?



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    what is the code of page.php (?) for those pages?
    is there a limit in the number of shown child pages defined in the template code?

    this seems to be a localized problem, where direct access to your site’s admin might be needed, which is beyond the posssibilities of this forum.

    possibly consider to post a job at or comparable sites.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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