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  • Heya!

    so this morning I updated my wordpress to 3.5 everything looked like it was working untill I noticed that images stopped displaying like they should.

    When I upload an image I get the nasty HTTP error, Ive tried taking a look under the hood but all I get were http500 errors. My server log doesnt really tell me anything. The images do upload but it stops at resizing them. So I tried the force regen plugin and that just gave me some code back in stead of proper resized images.

    I have to present the wordpress to a client tomorrow and I think I will be able to talk my way through the media upload problems but it has to be fixed by next week. Im an experienced PHP-er but this just blows my mind.

    btw, Ive tried a roll back to 3.4.2 but this didnt fix it. Don’t know if I did it correctly but I assume I did. when I dissable ALL my plugins it works but this isnt really an option since I need those puppies.

    I also tried the htaccess tricks (php 5 thingy), checked the permissions to my content folders and everything looked A-OKE

    if you need more info please ask and I will be happy to give it.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

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    when I dissable ALL my plugins it works but this isnt really an option since I need those puppies

    Find which plugin is causing the problem by disabling them one-by-one.

    WordPress cannot fix plugin problems, if you have a problem with a plugin, then you need to talk to the author of that plugin.

    pardon me, let me rephrase my question, how can I find the error? when I use ini_set to display errors on media-new.php I dont get any output just a 500error. I even set DEBUG to true in wp-config but it didnt do the trick.

    and to add:
    Even the plugins that have NOTHING to do with media cause problems, how can that be? Is that in the inner workings of wordpress that it loads ALL plugins on every call?



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    Deactivate all plugins then re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin.

    Hey Esmi, I did that and it’s like 4-5 plugins that cause it (our of 7). I even did a rollback to a version where the plugins still worked previously and now it doesn’t



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    If you try swapping some of your plugins in and out, you might be able to get that number down to just 1 or 2 problematic plugins.

    although I appreciate the input and you taking your time this isn’t a fix. I really need the plugins in order to hand it over to the client. Since the problem is shared by at least 2 plugins it means it has something to do with wordpress itself (the chance of 4 plugins having the same error is relatively small). If I can just see what goes wrong (error output) I can try looking for a direct solution.

    Update: So I still dont get errors even with the ini_set and htaccess options enabled. But now this popped up in my error logs:

    PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2920 bytes) in /************/wp-includes/media.php on line 928, referer: *********/wp-admin/media-new.php
    (the ***** are masked urls)

    so the script asks for 2920 bytes, out of 33554432… Im lost…



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    Hey Esmi, im about to call my host since mem is capped. But the image Im uploading is ±50 kb, the target size is 740×412 pixels… how can this cause the problem, just curious?

    ill get back to you when(if) it is fixed

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