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  • This is the problem, when I import my posts using WordPress Import xml feature, it won’t load my categories either my tags. Actually everything is there, but doesn’t show up.

    The fix for categories is explained here: (it really works).

    But it doesn’t work for tags, actually it prob will work, but as I got more then 9.000 it will be almost impossible assign all of them into the post.

    So do you guys have a solution for that?! Thanks a lot! =)

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  • have you tried a database import?

    actuaally not because i did the xml myself from another database (it’s not a wordpress database). The xml is valited and its all good with it, so the problem i guess is not with the xml, but somehow with the wordpress import feature.

    is the previous format in one listed on wordpress import page?

    what you mean? the xml format is the same as the wordpress one… it works fine for everything… even the categories and tags are there, but somehow there is no connection between them… when I do that the blog post says, it works for categories, it prob will work for tags as well but as I got 9000 tags it will be almost impossible to assign all of them into a post…



    This is still broken in WP 2.7.1, both for categories and for tags. The fix above works for categories, but tags has no checkboxes to toggle…

    Process_tags function can’t handle WordPress’ own tag format. This is with version 2.8.4, so I can’t speak to older versions. I think. Still testing

    Very odd.

    Here’s what I did to get tags working properly:
    Use the following for the tags (one tag per line):
    instead of (one tag on multiple lines):


    The thing to remember is that they are just doing simple line oriented (and dumb regex) parsing of the XML and not true serialization (unfortunately.)

    The same is true for categories.

    same problem for me, the xml looks correct but posts have no tags, categories are fine

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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