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  • Hello all,

    I recently added the WordPress (WP) option to my web host and am using the Twenty Eleven Dark theme (2011D). Unfortunately the performance is slower than I would like, so I am thinking of uninstalling the WP option from my web page. However, I would like to continue using the WP 2011D theme. I have created a static web page based on the WP 2011D theme and it is all working well.

    However, I want to make sure this won’t violate any copyrights or break any rules I may not know about. I would like to continue using the style.css and dark.css files. I will leave those files untouched, which includes leaving the GPLv2 header in style.css. I was also planning on leaving a footer at the bottom of my pages. Maybe not the default “Proudly powered by WordPress”, but perhaps “HTML/CSS inspired by WordPress”, or some such, and leave that as a link back to the WordPress web site. Can anyone here let me know if this is against any known rules? Should I ask someone at WordPress for explicit permission to do this? Or is this okay to do without me having to do anything else?

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  • What you want to do is fine. The GPL license lets you do stuff like that. You can also remove the “powered by wordpress” on the bottom without any prices.

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