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    Hi, I am a web developer and currently moving the design of my site form simple html, css to WordPress, i am using Theme: Photocrati with WPML Multi language plug in to design the site, when i choose English from the drop menu everything looks good, the logo is on the left, menu on the right with lots of free space, however when i select the second language which is persian from the drop menu the logo is being moved to the middle of the page, not much free space between logo and main menu, and some of the words in the menu are cut off, so i was wondering if somebody with more background in WordPress, PHP and CSS can let me now what is causing this issue, or how can it be fixed as soon as possible, thanks.

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  • yashar, isn’t Persian a RTL (right to left) language?

    yes, but if you choose english from menu you see the logo is on the left but if you select persian from menu you see the logo has been moved to farther right or middle of the page, the navigation is pretty much ok just the first button on the right the last part of it is cut off, so over all i am trying to match the english side with the persian and keep my logo on the same side as you see in the english page, if you know how i can fix this issue, i aappreciate it if you let me know asap, thanks.

    sounds like a css issue, make sure you have a proper rtl.css


    I am having some issues, problems with the buttons on the main menu which are in the persian side, if you view the site you will see that some of the letters on the navigation/main menu are not showing or cut off, Letters like: صفحه اصلی(HOME), مشتریان(Clients), i have tried to figure out the cause of the problem, i have also tried to change the size of the navigation as well as the size of the letters and spacing of the letters, but i have not yet found the cause or the reason of the letters being cut off, so i appreciate it if you can let me know as soon as possible so i can find the cause or fix this problems asap, Thank you.



    let me know asap, thanks.

    not sure, it could have to do with the way you have styled the menu.

    With Firebug I see that on line 161 of dynamic-style.php you have display:inline; and float:none;

    if you remove the display and change the float into right, you will see that the menu items show fully.

    If I may make a suggestion regarding your permalinks: in Chinese we have a readable language called pinyin and we usually use that for the permalinks. Maybe there is a pinyin equivalent for Farsi too? That is better for your Google juice and then your links become a bit prettier instead of all %’s, letters and numbers.

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