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    I’m starting a new project with WordPress and Woocommerce. The idea is to sell Praline on a simple designed website. The customer can choose between three different sizes of praline boxes. One with nine, one with sixteen and one with twenty-five Praline inside. After he chooses the size of the box he can select how much Praline of which sort he would like to have in his box. It’s important that he can only put nine Praline in his cart when he choose the small box.

    I already made some website with WordPress and I’m also able to write html and css.

    Now my question: How can I realise this idea? Is there any plugin for woocommerce available?
    How can I display the product in a grid on the frontpage?
    How can I set the maximum quantity, when the small box is chosen? How can I change this maximum, for example when the user choose the large box?

    Thanks a lot for your help!



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